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Did you know that?

1. AFJROTC cadets have an advantage when competing for appointments to the U.S. Air
Force Academy and the other service academies.

2. AFJROTC cadets have an opportunity to earn full four-year scholarships to colleges and
universities of their choice.

3. Each year former cadets of the unit graduate from colleges and universities with
commissions as Navy Ensigns and Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Second Lieutenants.

4. There is no MILITARY OBLIGATION WHAT SO EVER for participating in the AFJROTC.

5. Membership in the AFJROTC unit is open to any female or male student who has
completed eighth grade, is physically fit, and is a citizen of the United States.

6. AFJROTC courses carry the same credit as any other elective subject.

7. Cadets earn medals, ribbons, trophies, plaques, and other awards based on their
squadron involvement, scholarship, military bearing and appearance, school service,
community service, etc.

8. All of the AFJROTC uniforms, insignia, medals, ribbons, and textbooks are provided for
twenty dollars, at the beginning of the year to all cadets.

9. Members of the Drill Team and Color Guard travel around Colorado and the Rocky
Mountain Region to compete against other units. Varsity letters can be earned.

10. Subjects studied include; Frontiers of Aviation History, Science of Flight, Science of
Space, Air Force Careers and Leadership.

11. Each year outstanding AS-3 cadets participate in a week of Summer Leadership School.

12. Each year the cadets may go on a field trip to Buckley Air Force Base to fly in an Air
Force aircraft.

13. Each year the cadets have the opportunity to attend the formal Military Ball.

14. Cadets develop leadership experience and personal self-confidence by commanding
elements, flights and even the entire squadron.

15. Cadets may join the Aircraft Model/Rocketry Club and build their own models and learn to
build and fire their own rockets.

16. The AFJROTC unit has an outstanding record and reputation among AFJROTC units
throughout Colorado; it has been identified nationally as an excellent or outstanding unit
every year since 1995.
Central/Hinkley High Schools
Aurora, Colorado